IIT Research Institute

    IIT Research Institute (IITRI), provides fully accredited, GLP compliant pre-clinical toxicology, efficacy, PK and ADME evaluation services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, veterinary, agrichemical and nutraceuticals industries. Since its founding in 1936, IITRI has also taken a leading role as a full service provider of basic research for government agencies and academic researchers.

    IITRI's highly skilled experts and modern facilities support a complete package of IND and NDA enabling studies for all dosage forms and all indications in nearly every species.  Additionally, we offer a wide range of speciality services including:

    Core Competencies

    Non-Clinical Toxicology

    Carcinogenicity Evaluation

    Applied Microbiology

    Inhalation Toxicology

    Animal Tumor Models

    Agent Evaluation

    Genetic Toxicology

    Cancer Chemoprevention

    Infectivity & Pathogenicity


    Oncologics Drug Development

    Molecular Diagnostics


    Safety Pharmacology

    Genomics &
    Gene Expression

    Developmental & Reproductive Toxicology

    Pharmacokinetics & Metabolism

    Analytical Chemistry